This magnificent peninsula style saltwater aquarium was designed as a partial room divider between the bar area and the rest of the family space in the Staten Island residence. The aquarium has the the height needed to continue the visible flow of the room while relaxing and enjoying the bar. With 700 gallons of water (2650 liter) this aquarium houses many beautiful rear species of fish.

The aquarium was designed and built using 1.5" acrylic to withstand the water pressure without any noticeable deflection in the acrylic. The overflow and plumbing are concealed past the aquarium wall. In the overflow chamber we created separate dry chambers to house the Vortech power heads. When you calculate 700 gallons of saltwater, sand decor and the actual weight of the aquarium you realize proper support is a must. The support for this aquarium was engineered and built using 2" tubular steel and powder coated for rust protection.
Decor - The live reef sand and custom coral reef inserts are perfectly angled and placed and the water begins. With close to 800 gallons of RODI saltwater needed to fill the Aquarium and filtration - we pumped the saltwater from our holding containers in our service trucks.
The custom coral reef insert were designed in a way to give the aquarium the color and privacy and yet keeping the open flow as desired. With the first batch of fish added to the aquarium you can see how the magnificent colors blend.

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