Custom Luxury Commercial Aquarium

Aqua creations was commissioned to design and install an aquarium in this commercial office space for a high end real estate firm based out of central New Jersey. The aquarium was going to be built in to the dividing wall behind the reception desk in the main lobby and the main conference room. We were faced with this challenge to design the aquarium in a way that will wow the visitors at the reception area as well as creating a "conversation wall" in the conference room. in addition, we will need to maintain the privacy for the conference room at the same time. The challenge was met and we created this breathtaking saltwater aquarium that just gravatats everyone that walks through the doors. The aquarium holds well over 1000 gallons (3785 liters) and houses all different spices of marine fish.
The aquarium was built on site using 14 foot long high end Starphire glass panels.
The filtration " life support" system we plumbed to the fish tank mechanical room located 200 ft. away from the aquarium. In the aquarium the drain and return pipes are all concealed within the custom coral decor.
Once all the plumbing was completed the decor gets placed in the tank. Starting with the live reef sand and the custom coral insets that span from wall to wall - the tank starting taking shape. Once decor is completed then lighting gets installed. And from there we move on to the tank filling. once all in place the fall wall custom wood panels get installed.

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