At Aqua Creations our lifelong passion for aquariums shows in every masterpiece we create. We craft our beautiful freshwater, marine, and reef aquariums in commercial and residential settings, in any size, shape and dimensions you can dream of.

With a passionate group of designers, builders and hobbyists, Aqua Creations prides itself in its leading team of professionals helping to create the smooth and seamless experience you deserve. From our initial meeting – you will have a sense of security knowing that your project is being handled by an experienced, knowledgeable and caring team.

About our founder

Back in ‘02 after well over 30 years of involvement in every aspect of the aquatic hobby, our founder Sol Bick succumbed to his desires and left a very successful computer programming career to start the company of his dreams – Aqua Creations.

Sol’s obsession with anything aquatic started at the age of five back in the days when metal rimed aquariums were the norm and the average fish tank consisted of guppies and mollies and continues up until today where sophisticated marine systems along with exotic reef corals are found in many a home and place of business. Sol does not let a day pass without researching and contributing to the field of aquatic science. This insures that Aqua Creations stays current on the most updated technology and up to date most advanced equipment.

Over the years, Sol’s built a company of likeminded people who are passionate about their work and who treat every aquatic system as if it were their own. As we enter our 13th year in business, our talented team continues to expand as we accomplish our mission of designing, building and supporting awesome aquariums to support our ever growing base of customers.

Let us “together” continue to bring the beauty of nature into the comfort of your indoors. Aquariums are soothing, always changing never boring – “Living Art” that draw young and old into their depths.

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