Custom Commercial Aquarium

This luxury commercial aquarium was built by Aqua Creation for a clients corporate headquarters offices located in Woodbridge NJ. The Aquarium was manufactured using optically clear acrylic for ultimate clarity, The corners on the aquarium were rounded and polished to create a seamless flow on the exposed corners. With over 500 gallons of water and housing hundreds of different freshwater fish, this tank is definitely a showstopper to everyone that enters this magnificent lobby. This project was done in collaboration with the clients architecture firm out of Las Vegas, California.

Now a bit of behind the scenes....

This Aquarium is situated on the 3rd Floor of the building and this monster was not going to fit up the staircase, nor would it fit in to the freight elevator. At our design meetings we chose to lift it up to a large window by crane and move it in to the offices from there. Let me tell you - it's a "hold tight" moment watching the tank dangling up there.

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