Disney Inspired Tank — Dory or Nemo?

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surgeonfish and clown fish swimming together in blue water

With Disney’s underwater movies Finding Nemo (2003) and its sequel Finding Dory (2016) you no doubt want to include the popular fish in your Disney themed aquarium. What do you need to make your themed saltwater reef?

Proper Tank Size, Water Set Up

The two fish that inspired the characters are the Clown Fish and Surgeonfish, which are both saltwater fish. You would need a larger tank with full saltwater set up. Sometimes it can be a long and involved process depending on the equipment being used or personal vs. professional installer. After your saltwater is set up well, ensure your beautiful fish have places to hide, and everything is set for the arrival of your star attractions!

Clown Fish: Nemo!

As you follow the story of the little clownfish who is captured in the open waters and taken to a dentist’s office aquarium, you might be thinking to yourself ‘I want a volcano in my aquarium with a Nemo, too.’ Here are a few things Nemo wants you to know before you bring him home!

  • Some clownfish can become the size of a teacup with an average length of 4.3 inches.
  • They do prefer to live in an anemone, so looking into picking up one for your tank might be awesome.
  • All clownfish are born male and will change to become a dominant female. Watch for eggs!
  • Clownfish are carnivores

Be prepared to feed your fish some bloodworms, buy a beautiful anemone for housing and immune support, and watch for those changing hormones!

Surgeonfish: Dory!

The sequel to Finding NemoFinding Dory, highlights our favorite fish with a short term memory problem. What do you need to know about Nemo’s best bud before you bring her home?

  • Blue Tang or Surgeonfish adults range in size from 4.72 inches to 14. 96 inches.
  • They will need at least a six-foot aquarium to support their growth.
  • They love to have live coral which collects their preferred diet of algae.
  • Social creatures who ‘play dead’ around preditors.
  • Young surgeonfish are yellow, then turn blue.

Bring Dory home with her favorite live coral habitat and you will have a beautiful companion. Making sure there is enough algae to eat and no predators and she will flit around dreamily.

No matter which is your favorite character your saltwater aquarium will look good with these Disney favorite fish. Add in Nemo’s aquarium compatriots and a volcano bubbler to enjoy the themed setting. Let us help you create and set up your themed aquarium so the magic of the movies can continue in your office or home!