Aqua Creations is a full service custom aquarium company. We diligently work with our clients from the preliminary design stages through the post install and maintenance stage. We are there for you every step of the way. Starting with designing the perfect aquarium we address glass v acrylic, custom tank shape, specialized custom filtration and much more. Then we move on to custom decor carefully built to blend seamlessly with the environment you would like to create. once your tank and decor are in place our experts work with you to choose the fish / livestock that will best match the needs of each individual client and the aquarium environment we are working to create. At Aqua Creations we purchase the fish / livestock for you and keep them in our specially designated holding tanks to insure the health of each fish prior to placing it in your tank. Once all the creation and installation stages are complete we continue to service our clients fish tanks and aquariums for years to come. With hundreds of satisfied clients you know you can trust Aqua Creations for all your aquarium and fish tank needs.