Freshwater vs. Saltwater Aquariums

Before Aqua Creations can begin the process of aquariums installation, you have to decide whether you’d like a freshwater or marine aquarium. From a fish perspective there are four types of aquariums to be considered for most installations: decorative freshwater, planted freshwater, decorative saltwater, and coral reef.

Decorative Freshwater Aquariums

Decorative freshwater aquariums are composed of hardscape materials only, such as stone, driftwood and artificial plants.

Planted Freshwater Aquariums

Planted freshwater aquariums use living aquatic plants for the aquascape with much emphasis placed on the needs of the plants. As the availability of colorful and exotic freshwater fish have increased, so have the possibilities for creating beautiful and inspired freshwater aquariums.

Decorative Marine Aquariums

Decorative marine aquariums installation are always popular. Our goal at Aqua Creations is to simulate at least the general natural environment from which the fish are collected using ultra premium Indonesian Live Rock as décor. With our company’s technology and knowledge, we have the ability to keep these beautiful animals thriving in home aquariums.

Live Coral Reef Aquariums

Live coral reef aquariums installation represent the pinnacle of aquarium keeping. The beauty, diversity of life, and wonderful strangeness of the ocean reef environment captured within the aquarium is a wondrous sight.

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